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Books for Celebrants

At Celebrant Training UK, we offer a comprehensive range of training materials for our students. Some of those include ones available to the general public, such as these: Write That EulogyThe Successful CelebrantFuneral Celebrant Ceremony PlannerWedding Celebrant Ceremony Planner         Coming this year; new books for celebrants by Veronika Sophia Robinson: Funerals […]

Celebrant Training UK: our boutique training

There are many, many reasons why our celebrant training is unique amongst celebrant-training organisations. One reason is that we’re a boutique celebrant-training school. The word boutique derives from the Ancient Greek ἀποθήκη “storehouse”.   Based in rural Cumbria, we’re a husband and wife team with vast experience in our fields. Our ‘storehouse’ of knowledge, experience […]

Train to be a celebrant

Celebrant Training UK is now accepting applications for training in 2023. We are a boutique celebrant-training school in Cumbria, England, offering one-to-one private training either in person or via Zoom.  Our training is the most comprehensive and thorough in the UK ensuring that our graduates exemplify best practice and offer quality ceremonies. Your tutors are […]

Would You Like to Write a Eulogy?

At Celebrant Training UK (also known as Heart-led Ceremonies Celebrant Training), we offer comprehensive training from industry experts with a long track record of excellence. Alongside this, we offer books and resources to augment the private one-to-one training our students receive from us. Write That Eulogy: the art and craft of biographical storytelling has been […]

Celebrant Training UK: Ongoing CPD for celebrants

At Celebrant Training UK (also known as Heart-led Celebrants), personal and professional ongoing development is key, for Paul and I as trainers, and also for our trainee and certified celebrants.   We recommend Personal Protected Time for this ongoing learning, as well as taking part in our monthly group CPD sessions (via Zoom). Celebrants in […]

Celebrant Training UK: Do you have what it takes to be a celebrant?

  Celebrant Training UK is a boutique celebrant-training school which offers one-to-one training. It was founded by tutors Veronika and Paul Robinson. Oftentimes, when a potential student phones and asks me if they have what it takes to be a celebrant, I share the essential skills and qualities that I believe differentiate a mediocre celebrant […]

Crying and Buttons

When training a new student to be a celebrant, there are often two main fears which I need to allay: crying and buttons. The first fear―crying― is one that people confess to me generally before we’ve even started training. I assure them of two things: 1. I’d much prefer to train someone who had that […]